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New in 2015!

Hello and Happy New Year! We, here at Switch, hope that 2015 has been treating you all well so far. We’d like to start off this year by giving you a look at some of the new products that have come out in 2015 by a few of our favorite manufactures.







We expect that this year will be a big year for Switch Lighting & Design, and we’re excited to continue this wonderful journey with all of you!

5 Last Minute Gifts From Switch

last minute gifts
Still have a few gifts to figure our before the holidays? Check out these suggestions we have in stock, and ready to go home with you today!

Our first suggestion is the Pablo Pixo. At only $199, this desk lamp is perfect for any students on your list. It has versatile maneuverability, and features a USB port, so you can even charge your phone or other devices from it!

Number two is another wonderful lamp from Pablo. It’s the LIM360! LIM360 is able to turn a full 360 degrees, making it ideal for a workspace, and, like it’s little brother, it also boasts of a USB port. At $310 it’s sure to be a pleaser!


Number three on our list is the Lighthouse Oil Lamp by Menu. It’s perfect for anyone with outdoor spaces and comes in three different sizes! The best part is that it starts at only $90!


Fourth on our list is the magnificent Edison the Petit by Fatboy. This is a great gift for anyone who enjoys camping or the outdoors in general. The user is able to charge up Edison the Petit, then unplug him and take him anywhere! He will stay charged for a full 8 hours! Pick one up for only $89 at Switch!


Last but no least, take a look at Take by Kartell. Take comes in a range of colors, and makes a perfect accent piece! Stop in and grab one for only $125 at Switch!

Feeling Like Gold


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but gold has been a huge trend in all of design this year! Lighting design has been no exception. Today we are going to share with you a few of our pieces that could make your home or business shine!

9229_z_Laguna Canal S75-1000x1000












Inspiration: Kids Rooms

Today we’re sharing some fun ideas for lighting your kid’s rooms!

Use Color:

Kartell Fly

Kartell Fly

Minka Aire Cirque

Minka Aire Cirque

Pable Pixo

Pable Pixo

Marset TamTam

Marset TamTam

Make a light Pattern:

David Trubridge Floral

David Trubridge Floral

Marset Maranga

Marset Maranga

Kartell Bloom

Kartell Bloom

Featured: LIM Floor Lamp


Today’s featured product is the LIM Floor Lamp by Pablo! The LIM showcases a minimal design with a high output LED light source.
One of the really cool features in the design of LIM is the incorporation of high powered magnets which are used to adjust the height of the fixture!


“LIM is a revolutionary, ultra-slim LED task light that is as fun to use as it is functional.” -Pablo


Our Top 5 Desk Lamps for Your Office


Today we’re here to share with you our top 5 picks for the best desk lamps for your office! The fixtures we chose for this (exclusive) list were chosen because they are all the most functional and classic fixtures that would fit into any space nicely. These aren’t really in any particular order (we could never settle on an absolute favorite)!

One:Artemide Tolomeo Table


tolomeo table with shade

The first fixture on our list is the Tolomeo Table by Artemide. We love this fixture for its classic design and maximum flexibility. Tolomeo Table features an arm with a joint in the middle, and the ability to rotate 360 degrees. The head also rotates 360 degrees, so we aren’t kidding when we say this fixture is flexible! Tolomeo also has the option to come as an LED with a setting in which you can adjust the color temperature from cool to warm. That’s pretty amazing. To top it all off, it’s available in multiple colors and sizes, so it can easily be incorporated into any design style!

Two: Artemide Tizio



Artemide really knows their stuff. Our second fixture is their Tizio Lamp.
Tizio is also well know for its timeless design (it was first designed by Richard Sapper is 1972!) and functionality. The lamp features two arms with counter weights you can adjust to fit your lighting needs. It uses a halogen light source, and is available in a classic or mini version.

Three: Marset Polo


Next up is Marset’s Polo Lamp. Designed by Joan Gaspar in 2012, we enjoy the clean minimalism of this lamp! It’s LED and provides a wonderful, direct light for a workspace. Polo is available in white or black matte.

Four:Pablo Pixo



If you visit our blog regularly, then you already know of our love for the Pablo Pixo Lamp! This little lamp has great versatility with an arm that both tilts 180 degrees and rotates a full 360 degrees! The head can also do a full rotation. Pixo is an LED that has two brightness settings, and it even showcases a USB charging port right on the fixture!

Five: Anglepoise Original 1227



Our final product for this list is the Original 1227 from Anglepoise. If the Tizio is an old, yet classic design, then the Original 1227 is an ancient classic design! This collection was originally designed by George Carwadine in 1934! How is that for standing the test of time? The Original 1227 uses spring technology to accomplish ultimate flexibility and balance, plus it comes in a wide array of colors!

Want to learn more about any of the products we’ve mentioned? Contact us!

Featured Fixture: Pixo Lamp by Pablo

Hello, Friends!

Today we are featuring one of our new favorite table lamps! Pixo by Pablo!


Chances are that if you’ve been in our showroom in the past week or so, we’ve presented this fixture to you. We just love it so much. We can’t help but show it off!

Pixo features a wide range of motions. The arm can be angled any way you please, including flat on the table! The head also rotates a full 360 degrees to accommodate whatever you may need lit up. This lamp also features LED technology and has three different brightness settings. Pixo also boasts of soft touch technology, so the fixture has a wonderful texture when touched.
To top it all off, Pixo also has a USB port on the base, so you can charge most any device on your desk or table!

Stop into Switch today to check out Pixo in person! They make great gifts for any recent graduates starting a new career! (and at only $199, who could resist?)

Introducing Pablo Lighting at Switch!

Hello, Friends!

We here at Switch are excited to announce that we have a new addition to our lighting family! We now carry Pablo Lighting!

“Pablo‚Äôs designs have been propelled to the forefront of American contemporary lighting by an uncompromising devotion to simplicity and utility. By fusing the highest technical sensibilities with the most appropriate material palette, Pablo is able to create unique, timeless designs with the power to transform any environment. Pablo was founded in San Francisco in 1993 by Venezuelan-born industrial designer Pablo Pardo. Embracing a less-is-more ideology, Pablo frequently challenges traditional design metaphors, developing more practical solutions distilled down to their essence, form and light. A common thread links all of its creations, valuing permanence and sustainability, discarding the disposable mindset so prevalent today. Its mission is to create designs that deepen the relationship between objects, their users, and their environments.”

Be sure to stop into the showroom and check out our new Pablo display pieces!

Bel Occhio
Lim 360