Featured Fixture: Pixo Lamp by Pablo

Hello, Friends!

Today we are featuring one of our new favorite table lamps! Pixo by Pablo!


Chances are that if you’ve been in our showroom in the past week or so, we’ve presented this fixture to you. We just love it so much. We can’t help but show it off!

Pixo features a wide range of motions. The arm can be angled any way you please, including flat on the table! The head also rotates a full 360 degrees to accommodate whatever you may need lit up. This lamp also features LED technology and has three different brightness settings. Pixo also boasts of soft touch technology, so the fixture has a wonderful texture when touched.
To top it all off, Pixo also has a USB port on the base, so you can charge most any device on your desk or table!

Stop into Switch today to check out Pixo in person! They make great gifts for any recent graduates starting a new career! (and at only $199, who could resist?)

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