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Featuring: Gravy

Today we are featuring a new fixture on display in our showroom: Gravy by Koncept.


Gravy is a wonderful little desk lamp with unique adjustability. It is composed of a combination of hardwood and aluminum, and features and LED, dimmable light source.


The feature that makes Gravy unique is the way in which you are able to adjust it. The wooden arm (available in light maple, white oak, or rich walnut) intersects with the aluminum base through a hole with a material that grips the arm enough so it does not move on its own, but it is able to slide to extend more or less based on your needs.


Stop in to the showroom today to see it in person!

Featured: LIM Floor Lamp


Today’s featured product is the LIM Floor Lamp by Pablo! The LIM showcases a minimal design with a high output LED light source.
One of the really cool features in the design of LIM is the incorporation of high powered magnets which are used to adjust the height of the fixture!


“LIM is a revolutionary, ultra-slim LED task light that is as fun to use as it is functional.” -Pablo