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Featuring: Mr-N

Today we are featuring Mr-N by Koncept.


Mr-N is made unique by its arched shape and seamless LED light source. Mr-N features no buttons, which contributes to its clean, minimal design. Simple touch the strip at the base to turn him on or off. Hold your finger on the strip to activate his dimming abilities.


Mr-N is a mere 7.5″ tall, so he can fit most anywhere and fit in with any design aesthetic. Come into our showroom to check him out in person and take him home today!


Featuring: Gravy

Today we are featuring a new fixture on display in our showroom: Gravy by Koncept.


Gravy is a wonderful little desk lamp with unique adjustability. It is composed of a combination of hardwood and aluminum, and features and LED, dimmable light source.


The feature that makes Gravy unique is the way in which you are able to adjust it. The wooden arm (available in light maple, white oak, or rich walnut) intersects with the aluminum base through a hole with a material that grips the arm enough so it does not move on its own, but it is able to slide to extend more or less based on your needs.


Stop in to the showroom today to see it in person!

Introducing Koncept at Switch!

We are introducing another new line here at Switch! Take a look at Koncept! Koncept is a relatively new company (started in 2002) out of California. Their focus is on LED lamps for homes and offices, hence why the bulk of their products are table lamps. Check out some of our favorites!





Featuring: Tono Floor Lamp

Today we are featuring a floor lamp from a line we’ve recently picked up! Take a look at Tono by Koncept!


Tono features color changing LEDs, which allow you to choose from an astounding 1500 colors! You are able to choose a specific color, or select color shuffle.



Tono also has the option for regular colored light if you’re not in the mood for some crazy colors. It can really adapt to set any mood you would like to create!