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Inspiration: Transitional Fixtures

Today we are giving you all some inspiration for fixtures that we consider transitional. A transitional fixture is a fixture that is contemporary, but also fits in well with a traditional design. Basically, they’re the best of both worlds! Take a look at a few of our favorite transitional pieces:






Finding Your Perfect Fixture With Switch

Picking out the perfect fixture for you can be a daunting task. Today we are here to break down a few steps you can take to make the whole process a lot easier, and will guarantee you getting exactly what you need!

Step one: Finding your style
The first step to picking out a fixture may seem a bit obvious, but it is definitely one of the most important! To find something you like, you must first know WHAT you like. Do you tend to be drawn to more contemporary designs, or traditional? Simple and architectural, or something that will really stand out? What sort of finishes and colors do you like? While some of us already know the answer to all of these questions, the rest may have some difficulty. If that is your case, it helps to gain some inspiration! Go online and check out a few design sites. Save what you love and take note of what you don’t like. Get a few design magazines and do the same. Sometimes it helps to make something called a ‘mood board’. A mood board is basically a collection of things you like all gathered together! It’s a lot like making a scrapbook page.

Step two: Determine what you need
This is another question that some of you may already know the answer to, but knowing exactly what it is that you need will definitely speed up the fixture selecting process. First thing to consider is what type of fixture do you need? A suspension or ceiling mount? A sconce? Table lamp? Floor lamp? Outdoor? The answer to this can be found by determining what exactly the fixture will be used for and what it needs to accomplish. Do you need general lighting or task lighting? Is the fixture a decorative element or not?




Step three: Determine your budget
This step doesn’t need much explaining. Determine how much you are willing to spend on a fixture. Make sure to consider installation costs as well!

Step four: Come and see us!
Finally, come in to see us! Bring in some of your inspiration to inspire us as well. Once you have a good idea of what you like, need, and can afford, it will be a breeze finding the perfect fixture for you!

Tip: Pendant Hanging Height

When it comes to deciding what height to hang a pendant or suspension fixture, there are a few guidelines you can go by to make sure your new light is at the appropriate height. We’re going to go over a few different scenarios you may come across.

Over the Table
Gilles : Link 2
When hanging a fixture over a dining room table, you want the fixture to be low enough to provide enough light, but high enough to be out of your way and line of sight while you are at the table. Generally we suggest hanging it around 30″ from the surface of your table to the bottom of the light.

Over the Counter
For fixtures over a counter, we suggest hanging them a bit higher than over a table. This is because we typically do a wider variety of things at a counter. You could either be standing or sitting. You want to make sure if someone is sitting at the counter, or standing to cook or clean, the fixtures are not obstructing their view. Hang pendants 30″-40″ from the surface of the counter to the bottom of the light. Your ceiling height can factor into where in that range you choose. With a higher ceiling, you should hang the pendants a little higher.

Not Over Anything (Foyer, Living Room, Ect.)
As a general rule, we wouldn’t suggest using a suspended fixture that isn’t over anything at all if your ceilings are not more than 8′, but all fixtures should be at least 60″ AFF (Above the Finished Floor). If your ceilings are higher than 11′, then we suggest adding an additional 3″ for every foot about 11.