Inspiration: Our Favorite Floor Lamps

Here at Switch, we don’t have a ton of floor space available to show any large amount of floor lamps in our showroom. It makes us sad that we are unable to show all of the lamps we love so much! Since we are unable to do so, we’re going to share with you (some of) our favorite floor lamps!

Tolomeo Mega by Artemide
The Tolomeo Mega is a definite classic. It can work well in nearly any design style, and all of the bending and swiveling abilities it has make it a really functional fixture!

Nobi by Fontana Arte
Next up is the Nobi. Nobi boasts of a slim, minimal design with a maneuverable, glass diffuser. We’re crazy about its sleek design!

Curl My Light by Studio Italia Design
Curl My Light is another fantastic floor fixture on our list. Featuring a spiral of overlapping metal layers, this fixture offers a great play on light. It’s also available in two different floor lamp versions!

Funiculi by Marset
The Funiculi floor lamp is, like the Tolomeo, a classic design. It also offers versatility because you can adjust the height of the fixture, and the diffuser can rotate a full 360 degrees!

Flexiled Leather by Contardi
The Flexiled Leather floor lamp made it onto our list for multiple reasons. One of our favorite things about this lamp is that it features a material that is not a common material in lighting: leather! Even without the leather, this lamp is still wonderful. The neck is flexible, so you have maximum maneuverability. It’s also LED!

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