Tip: Under Cabinet Lighting

Today we are here to talk to you about under cabinet lighting! Although under cabinet lighting is a subtle visual addition to your kitchen, it really does make a huge difference when it comes to productivity. Being able to clearly see what you’re cutting, mashing, mixing, measuring, ect. while you’re cooking at all hours of the day and night certainly has its benefits, and general over head lighting tends to leave shadows on our counters cast by the upper cabinets.

There are a variety of options for under cabinet lighting. We’ll go over the most popular.

Pucks are easy to install and can be wired together to all operate on one switch. Typically they come as LEDs, so they will never need to be changed. You can also get battery operated versions that simply stick onto your cabinets. These can be a good option for renters who can’t install hard wired fixtures. The downside to puck lights is that they create a sort of spotlight effect. You can definitely notice where each light is located from a distance.

Linear Strips
These tend to be the most expensive option. They come in many different variations and with various lamping options. We like to recommend LED for their longevity. These provide a much more even spread of light, and often offer dimming options. Most need to be hardwired and require a transformer. In new construction, this can be included in the electrical plan, but for existing kitchens, we often tuck it away into a cabinet.

LED Tape Light
LED tape light is one of the most popular options. It offers a low profile, so it can rarely be seen and is very discrete when applied under cabinets. It comes in any variety of lengths and color temperatures, as well as RGB, and it has a nice, even distribution of light. Tape light is simple to install and can be very versatile. Here at Switch, we use it in any number of scenarios. It’s one disadvantage is that it tends to have a lower light output than the other two options.

We hope this helps many of you when selecting under cabinet lighting for your kitchens! If you happen to have any questions or would like to discuss options with us please contact us!

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