Tip: Proper Vanity Lighting

Proper vanity lighting is something that we feel a lot of people don’t thoroughly think about and understand. So many bathroom mirrors get adorned with a single fixture above it. While this is adequate for possibly a guest bath or commercial spaces, the space that is used to prepare ourselves for the day should not be lit in this manner.

A single light above the mirror is not ideal for applying make-up, shaving, or any of the other tasks that require good lighting on your face. When the light source is above you, it casts unwanted shadows on your face.

To achieve good lighting for your vanity space, there should be a fixture on both sides of the mirror. The fixtures should also have a decent diffuser to soften the light. This helps prevent glare and harsh light. With a light source on both sides of the face, you can be sure that your whole face is well lit without shadows!

Take a look at some examples. A few companies we carry even offer mirrors with built-in lights!





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