DAAP Student Showcase (April 25 2014)

Last Final Friday Switch hosted the final Student Showcase for third year DAAP Industrial Design Students!

Professor Peter Chamberlain describes the assignment:

“The third year Industrial Design Studio course at the University of Cincinnati college of DAAP recently took on the challenge of creating unique new residential lighting concepts. Steeped in background understanding about the science of light, realities of distribution and point of purchase environments, production and materials constraints, and informed about user needs and wants, the students tackled the complex project remarkably well.”

The showcase was a huge success and the students’ works were nothing short of fantastic! Switch is grateful to have had a part from start to finish in this project. Bertie and Drew provided feedback and advice for the students at different stages of their design process along with Professor Chamberlain. The students definitely did not disappoint!

Switch would like to thank everyone who came out and supported the students and their projects!

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